A unique Father's Day gift for any type of dad

This year Father's Day is June 20th, which means you are almost running out of time to score a unique father's day gift. We know that getting your father the best Father's Day gift can get a bit tricky sometimes. For starters, some dads refuse to say what they want. While other dads get everything they want for themselves. And let's be honest, a coffee mug, socks or ties just won't cut it anymore.

But because gift giving is kind of our thing, we have selected four of the most thoughtful gifts for fathers of all types. So, whether it's for the older dad, the younger dad, the new dad, the dad who "has it all", or the dad who "wants it all", we have rounded up plenty of unique gift ideas to make that special man in your life very happy on Father's Day.

Check out our unique Fathers Fay gift guide below.

For the father that loves to shave

Three truly stylish, nourishing and sophisticated gifts to compliment your dad's start-the-day regimen. First on our list, the Musgo Shaving soap for the traditional guy who uses a shaving brush. It is from the Portuguese brand Claus Porto, which stands for high quality artisan products with a fresh feel.

Then there is the sophisticated and rich looking men’s shaving cream by the Sicilian brand Ortigia. The look of this brand is as amazing as their scents: Ambra Nera and Sandalo.

Finally, the most nourishing of them all: the extra mild barber’s soap from the French brand Tadé, the largest importer of the famous Aleppo soap from Syria.

Claus Porto - Musgo real shaving soap
Ortigia - Shaving gel
Multicolored candle holder


For the father that loves to travel 

We all know that traveling has been very difficult for over a year now, but these thoughtful gifts might be perfect for all the fathers with wanderlust.

Surprise him this Father’s Day with a paper weight featuring a world map. It will help him dream away to faraway places and to map out his next adventure from his desk. 

A very useful item, especially nowadays, for the traveling dad is a travel-size hand sanitizer by Sicilian brand Ortigia. Something most fathers wouldn’t necessarily think of to buy for themselves, which makes it the perfect little gift for Father’s Day. 

And when the journey finally commences it would be lovely if your dad could write all about his adventures in a journal. This World Travels notebook by Sloan Stationery fits that bill perfectly. It is compact enough to fit in almost any bag, and it is strong with a sturdy hard cover.  


World map paper weight
Sloan Stationery - World Travels note book
€ 16
Monogrammed Stationery Set - Panther


For the father that loves his desk 

If your father spends most, or at least a considerable part of his day at his desk, then this Father's day you might want to help him make it a beautiful space. We have selected three gift ideas from The Empathist, a Korean brand that designs the most exquisite brass items.  

Like this perpetual calendar, which will never fail you when it comes to keeping track of the date. Or this beautiful heavy brass box which will keep all his little knick-knacks, like paper clips in one place. This fun design for an Egg-paper weight, easily divides into three pieces, which makes it perfect to hold several stacks of paper in their place. 

Perpetual brass desk calendar
€ 290
Solid brass box
€ 67,95
Mini scented candles gift set
€ 79


For the father that loves playing games

If your dad (or grandpa) is a true game fanatic, why not surprise him with a beautifully illustrated game. For the ornithologist we have a game of bird bingo where your father can really show off his knowledge and also share this with his children (or grandchildren).

If he likes taking long walks in nature, this beautiful and educational game of tree memory might just be his thing. It features illustrations of all kinds of trees and the goal is to match them with the illustrations of their leaves. 

If your dad rather strolls around in museums for fun, you can give the old master a lovely portrait memory game filled with many of the most famous portraits made by other old masters. 

Bird bingo
€ 29,95
Tree memory
€ 19,95
Old Masters memory
€ 19,95


For the cool dad that loves design

Although it may sometimes seem that father's are clueless when it comes to decorating the space they live in, this is definitely not always the case. There are fathers that take the lead in the décor at home, are vocal and have a specific idea in mind about how to create a personal atmosphere. And for those dads - the ones that appreciate a bit of (vintage) design - we have selected three items which will definitely amaze. 

The Ronzan leopard in our collection is a real beauty. Made and signed by the Ronzan brothers of the Ronzan ceramics company in the 1960’s. Very nice is the cub that is also part of the statue, an extra touch when you want to give this as a Father’s Day present. 

While on the leopard theme, this table lamp, features a leopard on the inside of the lamp shade. The shade is brand new and handmade by ‘Love Frankie’ in the UK. We think it goes perfectly with the vintage shiny black Bondia base. 

This coaster set is also a favorite on our list. And we bet your dad will love to keep this on his desk all the time. Fun fact: the six brass coasters form a face when put together like a puzzle. 

Vintage Ronzan leopard with cub
€ 675
Vintage Bondia table lamp
€ 375
Puzzle coasters set
€ 275


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