Sapphire blue pine cone ornament agata treasures

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Sapphire blue pine cone ornament, hand made in Sicily by Agata Treasures.
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Very decorative object. Can also be used as a paper weight.

This great decorative pinecone object is inspired by the ones used to decorate the gardens of the 'Villa Communale' in the small town of Caltagirone, one of the main production centers of ceramics in Silicy. This monochrome version is a strikingly modern. It is made of Italian clay, hand-painted and glazed.

In Sicily, due to their positive meaning pinecones were often used to decorate the main entrance of aristocratic villas and gardens, the facades of churches and convents.

In rural houses, the pinecone decorates the four posts of the cast iron bed or the top of the wardrobe. In Sicily, it is still common to give a pinecone as a present at the occasion of a wedding, the birth of a child, or the move to a new house.


  • Agata Treasures
  • Deep blue
  • Sicilian clay
  • Hand made in Sicily, Italy
  • Approx Ø 10 x 20 cm (base 9 x 9 cm)
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