Vintage 19th century Baccarat liquor service

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This is an exceptional set. A beautiful carafe, very elegant with gilded floral decorations including a glass stopper. Five glasses have lived through this sets' already long life, since it has been produced in the 1860 period. The five liquor glasses (shot size), are in good condition and also decorated with the same floral pattern as the carafe.




  • Crystal, gold
  • Ca 1860
  • France
  • Carafe  18 cm (without stopper 16 cm)



  • Apparently the glasses do not have Baccarat's signature, being prior to 1936, the date on which the crystal factory began to affix its acid-etched stamp to its products.
  • The whole is in excellent condition. The gilding looks very good. That being said it is still a vintage item, so please do examine the photographs before purchase. Or come by our Amsterdam based store.
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