TADÉ Pays du Levant is the most important importer of Aleppo Soap from Syria (Savon d’Alep) in France. The company has been working for over 20 year – since 1994 - with the same master soap boiler of Aleppo soap, Aleppo Soap Co. Both partners meet, despite the particularly complex situation in Syria, their agreements, through which Tadé can support citizens, manufacturers and business partners. Thanks to their stock and the limited production possibilities that are still available, they can live with a spark of hope and dignity. 

Aleppo soap is the oldest type of soap manufactured and also the mildest one. It is characterized by a saponification of olive oil in a cauldron, and an addition of different ratios of laurel flower oil at just before the soap is transferred for months of ripening. This gives the soap an extremely mild character, which is enhanced with the laurel flower oil contents, expressed in a percentage. The soap is characterized by an artisanal brownish outside and a green inside. Aleppo soap is usually coursely cut in bars, for which it is named 'pain d'Alep' in France. 

Liquid Aleppo soap is made according to the same procedure, but the use of potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide in saponification results in a liquid soap product.