Curiosa Cabinet

A well-traveled, sophisticated collection

Curiosa Cabinet brings together a curated collection of vintage, antiques, art, scents, and carefully crafted handmade treasures that lift up any interior, define the personality of a space and add that extra touch of originality and quirkiness that is always unexpected, and never boring...

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" What a wonderful treasure trove of a shop whose name caught my curiosity from a distance before it's contents lured us in. Whether you are looking for a classy gift or something special for your home or yourself, you won't be disappointed. And the owner is simply delightful and clearly handpicks each product. 

Pop in and allow yourself to be enchanted!"

 - J.Will


"I had the pleasure of buying two really nice looking, vintage green glass bottles from Curiosa Cabinet. The items were shipped to my country without any hassle and the bottles arrived in great shape. I also received a nice card with the package :-)

They are very pleasant to deal with in terms of communication and the provided information.

I can definitely recommend them and I'm grading them with a full score; 5 out of 5 ! :-)

- B.Lind


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