About Curiosa Cabinet


Curiosa Cabinet brings together a curated collection of vintage, antiques, art, scents, and carefully crafted handmade treasures that lift up any interior, define the personality of a space and add that extra touch of originality and quirkiness that is always unexpected, and never boring. 


Curiosa Cabinet


Curiosa Cabinet started in 2018 with an idea of four friends that always loved the curiosities of life, art and travels, and the innate beauty of materials and objects. Four women with their own style, taste & personality but all of them drawn to the beauty of eclectic interiors and always on the lookout for original and interesting pieces to fill their cozy & stylish Amsterdam homes.

That idea became Curiosa Cabinet, a treasure-chest-store in the center of Amsterdam.

A store in which the founders all contributed to the collection with their own work, be it in sculptures, object trouvaille, drawings, and home perfumes.

Still friends and close consultants, by now three of the four founders have regained their focus on to the production of their works of art and perfumes, leaving Curiosa Cabinet into my hands.

 That is the hands of me, Marlies Boomsma. After studying International Relations, I worked for a decade at a wonderful foundation The Hague Academy for Local Governance. The birth of my third child I made me want to work closer to my Amsterdam home and I decided to give drawing/illustrating a go on a more professional level. It was during that time I met the three lovely ladies mentioned above and together we set forth on this amazing adventure starting Curiosa Cabinet.



the inspiration

  Elegant yet homey. Nostalgic & curious, with impeccable attention to detail. Adventurous, breaking with the mundane and pursuing originality. Using my love of fashion, nature, culture, art, and travel to curate an extraordinary collection.   


the collection

  CURIOSA CABINET's collection is eclectic, fun, always original, unexpected, and sophisticated at the same time. Something you won't find in every store. Invaluable treasures, that most of the time I secretly want to keep to myself. Each piece in the collection is a conversation starter. Unique items that tell a story. A story that adds that extra touch of character and originality to any space.  


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