Marieke Ariëns Interior Objects

Marieke Ariëns loves 'Arts and Crafts' intensely. When she was just nine years old, she went to a crafts club in her home town Vught, Brabant, and has been in love with it ever since.

“The process of creating something from A to Z is one of the most satisfying things to do”, reflects Marieke. Products she is particularly proud of are the lamps that she made in 2019. “Under a glass dome of recycled glass, I created a scenery with shells, gemstones and dried eucalyptus. One client said it reminded her of her deep sea dives, and bought two at once. Such a great compliment!”

Creating a whimsical scenery is something that Marieke really has mastered. A good example is the impressive antique dome which houses a school of painted pufferfish. The fish have been colored in an intense Prussian blue, but their lips are of a contrasting light gold color,  therefore producing a fairy tale-like scene that is absurd and magnificent at the same time.

Nature and its treasures are something that have always fascinated Marieke. During her university studies, she started collecting antique taxidermies. Marieke now has an interesting collection and is always on the lookout for an extra special addition. “What nature creates is so spectacular that the art of trying to recreate a small part of that, and adding a bit of absurdity to it, is my absolute dream job!“

When she is out and about treasure hunting for the Curiosa Cabinet, she always tries to find the really exceptional vintage items. From antique jewels to an acupuncture model, as long as it is something out of the ordinary, it is something that attracts Marieke.

Marieke is currently working as a partner at the Curiosa Cabinet in Amsterdam. The shop located in Amsterdam at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 147, serves clients by offering a curated and eclectic mix of accessories, gifts, vintage, home décor and art. The four founding partners are committed in offering an energizing and unique collection that reflects the lives, passions and lifestyle of its clients. Read more about Marieke Ariëns and the Curiosa Cabinet at or follow their steps via