Anna Kropka

Anna Kropka is an embroidery art studio founded by Anna Helal. Kropka means “dot” in Polish, her mother tongue. Other than making little dots in the form of stitches, she also like to connect the dots. She matches her clients needs and wishes with the scala of techniques and materials available to her and work up some magic to turn it into embroidery art.

The cocktail napkins now in store are great gifts! And we are actually working together for Anna to produce a line of dinner napkins for Curiosa Cabinet. Will be here before summer :-)


For her bespoke work, check out her website

She loves working together with clients to create unique and fun designs. Starting with a rough idea or a more worked one: either way she is happy to brainstorm and work it out together. So any upcoming festivities? A fancy dinner with bespoke napkins? Or perhaps a very special birth gift, you're at the right place at Anna Kropka....and Curiosa Cabinet of course (haha)

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