Depth of Field

Depth Of Field (DOF) is specialised in authentic historical and fine art photography. Their photographs are well researched. Therefore they can guarantee authenticity, and share their unique stories. 

DOF specializes in fine art photography. They offer remarkable prints in genres that vary from the beginning of photography, to family albums, and from landscapes to advertising. What binds them, is that they all tell a unique story they believe needs to be told. Depth of Fields hopes to broaden the viewer’s perspective of photography, while providing the expertise to understand it.

All photographs in store are sold including a passe-partout and a frame.

The photographs fit well in the collection of Curiosa Cabinet. Therefore I am very happy with our collaboration and the chance I get to show you these works of art online and in store. Do come and see them in person, you'll be astonished by the photographs as well as the way Depth of Field has presented them in frame and passepartouts.

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