'Creativity gives me energy and I love radiating this to others!'

Valerie van Luijk founded m'Anais when she was living in Istanbul, around 2017.

Having lived in different countries, intriguing cultures have been a great inspiration for Valerie. After ten years in Switzerland, she moved to Istanbul, a vibrant city filled with color. There she started working as a Wardrobe Stylist. Right before her next move to Germany, she was asked to work with an artisan jewelry maker. He not only became her business partner, but also a good friend.

Her passion for jewelry changed her life. From the start of a design to the actual making of the jewelry. And experiencing the wonderful reactions from people around her, from so many different backgrounds feels like a way of uniting with people in a different way.

In the end it’s about telling a story which can be as personal as one allows. No matter where you live, it’s something you take with you and it can be as colorful as you want to be!

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