There better be flowers

Flowers forever preserved in crystal clear resin. 

Janka Vazquez, the artist behind 'There better be flowers'  makes, by hand, pieces perfectly capturing the elegance and delicacy of flowers, transforming them into an extraordinary decorative object. 

The flowers, leaves, mosses, lichens and mushrooms used grow in her garden, or in the forests and meadows of the Westerwald where she collects them. She then starts the process of preparing them for preservation in resin using a complex drying process. The process results in plants that almost look like they are still alive, making them the perfect foundation for these stunning works. 

Every piece is handmade with love for nature, from gathering the plants, to drying them, to casting them in resin, making each piece one of a kind.

A true work of art.

Curiosa Cabinet is proud to have these works in store. If you would like to have a personalized item made by Janka, such as a work with a bridal bouquet. Please contact her via her instagram account @therebetterbeflowers

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