Ceramic flower perfume diffuser - Indian Lotus

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Exclusive and original ceramic flower perfume diffuser consisting of an elegant porcelain lotus flower on a wooden base. Scent is diffused through the flower's petals. Spray with perfume every few days. environmentally friendly and non toxic.
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Original ambiance refreshment with this gracious ceramic flower perfume diffuser scent object. The fragrance is diffused through the Lotus flower's petals. Poor or spray 3 drops of perfume or essential oil every onto the flower every three days. Natural and non-toxic. 


  • Anoq
  • Ceramic flower with acacia wooden base
  • Any perfume or essential oil can be applied
  • Handmade in France
  • Child-friendly, eco-friendly
  • 10 (diameter) x 7 (h) cm


  1. Spray the flower with perfume
  2. Leave in box overnight
  3. Enjoy for three to four days
  4. Repeat


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