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Beautiful holder with Greek gods enjoying modern life. The delicious Sunrise candle in it is one that you want to refill quickly when it has burned out!
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The Parthenon in Athena was the inspiration for this holder. This candle represents ancient Greek gods enjoying the comforts of modern life. Zeus brings some party balloons, Hera throws a party, while Hestia cooks a hot pot on the head of Apollo, who is busy working on his laptop. Hermes is also running around somewhere.

The scented candle sits loose in the container. This is also available as a refill.

Fragrance Note: Top: lemon, black currant, cinnamon
Mid: rose, muguet, orange flower
Base:cedarwood, ambery, vanilla

  • Humble Scents
  • Green container with Marshlands scented candle
  • Resin, scented candle
  • Comes in a nice cardboard gift box
  • Burning time ~ 35 hours
  • 15 x 15 x 15 cm
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