10 minute aroma matches - 7 different scents

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Dream away for ten minutes with one of the seven base scents of the Hibi 10 minute aroma matches. Just light one of the incense sticks and lay it down on the little holder that comes with each box of matches.

Hibi Japan incense matches are the fine precision fruit of a collaboration between the match manufacturing company in Harima (since 1929) and the incense makers of Hawaji Island (since 1936). The innovative scented matches can be lighted with the box they are delivered in and placed on the holder that is included in the second box delivered with each product. The delicately perfumed incense releases a fine fragrance for about 10 minutes of burning after which the incense match is finished. Striking Hibi provides a moment for yourself of reflection, whereas the space is finely refreshed and perfumed.

The incense matches come as two wrapped little boxes, one with 8 fitted, separated matches, the other with the a non-flammable incense burning mat. Each perfume comes in a different match head color. Hibi incense matches are small treasures that easily fit your travel bag. They are a perfect gift for someone special as well. You may select scent and purpose for the right occasion.

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  • Hibi
  • Seven scents in this series:
  1. Lemongrass
  2. Lavender
  3. Geranium
  4. Ylang Ylang
  5. Tea Tree
  6. Citronella
  7. Fragrant Olive
  • the product consists of two wrapped boxes
  • One box contains 8 sticks
  • One box contains a non-flammable mat
  • Just very lightly strike the incense match to lit
  • Please carefully follow instructions for use
  • Never leave a lit match unattended
  • Dimensions box: 0,57  x 0,56  x 0,9 cm

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