Everything you need to really spoil her on this Mother's Day!

The best gift ideas to spoil her this Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day (Sunday May 12th) we are going to spoil her! Spoil your mom! Or spoil the women that has been like a mom to you. Also spoil your friend that is about to become a mom and let us not forget those who are hoping to someday become a mom shortly. And also take a bit of extra care of those who recently lost their mothers.

Let us spoil them all! With a moment of relaxation, with the best incense, scented candles or a beautiful little box to go next to her bath. The nicest cups for her ginger tea, a set of cute wine or cocktail glasses. If you are going to surprise her with flowers, why not add a nice little or larger vase? If you want to go all out, then choose a great set of sparkling earrings as a gift that makes her feel like a million bucks when going out. 


1. Spoil her with some relaxing me - time!

Breakfast in bed for mom is a a tradition in many families on Mother's Day. And of course, it is so sweet when little ones prepare a croissant and tea and get out their arts and craft gifts. But how nice would it be if you also could give mom some little extra me-time in the form of  a hot bath or some ' no - questions - for - mom' time to just relax with her favorite book.

To announce this gift of 'mom-time' you can present to her a nice Mother's day gift box of the most elegant Japanese incense matches by Hibi. Alternatively give her a scented candle gift set with three beautiful  porcelain 'muse' vessels by Jonathan Adler. Or, surprise her with something to keep forever, like the wooden boxes with ceramic flowers by Anoq. I use one to hold my bath salts.


Hibi Mother's Day gift box
Jonathan Adler Muse Votive Candle gift set
€ 99
Anoq wooden box with ceramic flower
€ 57


2. Spoil her with a new mug or coupe!

What about giving your mom a new favorite tea mug, or a set of them to replace the collection of old decrepit tea cups without handles she still keeps in the cupboard. At least that is what mine and also my moms collection looks like at the moment.

If she is the entertaining kind you will make her extra happy by choosing one of the vintage sets of champagne glasses we have in store. Champagne coupes that is of course! For this type of women we also have many lovely trays and other items that will make her table setting super festive. Please do check out these place holders by Les Ottomans, they are the cutest!


Gala mug - Jonathan Adler
Set of 6 vintage Spanish champagne coupes
€229 ,-
Gilded Gala Mug - Jonathan Adler
€ 39 ,-


3. Spoil her with some super fancy sparkles!

If you want to give her a Mothers Day's to remember, perhaps you could take her out on the town. See a show, take her out to dine in a fancy restaurant. Maybe even some dancing? Now that all the restaurants, theaters and nightlife are open again this is could be just the thing.

But what is she to wear after these years of staying at home? Just take your pick from one of our designer vintage or new jewelry collection. All gold plated adorned with (Swarovski) Crystals, semi precious stones and/or fresh water pearls. The real deal, but slightly more affordable than those made with actual diamonds and 'solid' golds. Check the whole collection of jewelry via this link, or perhaps your favorite is shown already in the pictures below!


m'Anais Camila Earrings
€ 60 ,-
Vintage Oscar de la Renta Hearts
€ 215 ,-
Peacock Earrings - Midnight foxes studio
€ 125,-


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Have a great Mother's Day!  Hope to see you soon, Marlies