Five sophisticated (but easy) Easter decoration ideas

For a stylish tablescape that will definitely impress all of your guests this Easter.

Arranging a stylish Easter table is a great way to show off your original sense of style. Ditch the traditional easter baskets, add some quirky decorative items, mix in some spring-appropriate pastel hues and textures, and your perfect eclectic Easter table is all set.

We've bundled some of our favorite go-to Easter table decor tips that will definitely impress your guests this Easter. Whether you're hosting an Easter breakfast, easy brunch, or an elegant dinner, with these sophisticated & stylish table decor ideas, you are good to go!


Decorate your table with flowers


Easter is the holiday that celebrates new beginnings. Any Spring celebration asks for fresh flowers (and beautiful vases) on your table. At Curiosa Cabinet we have got you covered on little vases that are perfect to spread all over the table with fresh flowers so it will be looking festive everywhere.

This is a great way to modernize the traditional Easter table, and another big advantage to one big bouquet is that everyone at the table can still see each other overlooking the little vases.

When choosing the perfect vase, make sure to always factor in the colors of the fresh seasonal flowers you plan to use.

Just-in are our little ceramic bulb-shaped vases. They come in two colors, a pink vase, a green-grey vase. If you’re looking for something unique you should check out the series of 12 hand-painted ceramic vases by Marlies Boomsma, the colors make them our spring favorites. Rather go for light and translucent? Then we have a number of colored little vases made from recycled glass and they are on sale now! 

Pro tip: you can add some extra dimension to your Easter table by mixing natural textures with a bit of sparkle.

Hand painted little vase
Small handprinted vase
Small grey-green vase
Small recycled glass vase
Not €10,50 but €5,50!


Add a little extra flavor to your tablescape


Whether you are hosting an Easter brunch or dinner, a well-chosen salt & pepper set is a great way to add a bit of originality to your table setting. We love to incorporate quirky elements we've gathered from our trips to create a fun table setting. Take our silver-plated pair of rabbit salt & pepper shakers, ideal for Easter decor of course. The glass salt and pepper set with a brass carp is very sophisticated and comes with two very small spoons. The duck salt and pepper shakers is a timeless pair. 

Rabbit salt & pepper shakers
Duck salt & pepper shakers
Carp salt & pepper holder



Go for sophistication with candles and holders


Skip the plastic easter egg decor. We feel that every sophisticated easter tablescape needs some candles. With candles and candle holders, you’ll be able to add color and, of course, candlelight. At Curiosa Cabinet we have a large range of candle holders and candles. For an Easter table setting, we suggest keeping the colors light and using our crystal candle holders that can be used as tea light holders when turned around!  

Or you could add a fresh clean fragrance to the celebration by getting a scented candle from our home fragrance collection with brands like Cerraría Mollá and Côté Bougie

Crystal Candle holders
€ 17,95
Short dinner candle set
€ 4,95
'Duetto' set of candle holders
€ 149 


A bunny


Yes, an Easter bunny is required at every Easter table setting. You could go for the chocolate kind, but that one will most certainly disappear. There are some very good other options though. Perhaps you would like to get our bunny butterknife, which is just adorable and could also be a perfect hostess gift!  

The little white rabbit lamp that works on batteries can also be put on the table, but can also very well be used as a bedside lamp. 


Bunny hand mirror
€ 17,95
Bunny butterknife
€ 2,-
Rabbit lamp on batteries
€ 27,-


Bring the brunch outside


Easter coincides with the start of spring. An outdoor brunch would be the perfect way to celebrate. Unfortunately, in Amsterdam, perfect weather for Easter is never a sure thing. But if the sun is out, take advantage of it and host your Easter feast outdoors! Adding some colorful table cloths will instantly make the table feel cozy and comfortable.

Pink triangle and palm table cloth
€ 160

Shiny gold table cloth with eyes 
€ 160 

Blue palm tree table cloth
€ 160


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